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Au secours de Béatrice


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Au secours de Béatrice

Soap Drama



00 Hours 44 Minutes



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Béatrice Clément is a 48-year-old emergency room doctor. She is pretty, charming and at the top of her professional game. The only problem is, Béatrice hasn’t been feeling well. Having undergone every test available without any conclusive results, she is at the end of her rope. Finally, she overcomes her skepticism and agrees to visit a psychologist. Dr. P is gentle, attentive and compassionate. Despite Béatrice’s initial resistance, he slowly but surely gains her trust. Every week, Béatrice is confronted with patients who remind her of her own personal struggles. It is becoming clear that although she is fully in control of the ER, her private life is another matter entirely. In her drive for constant perfection and control, she is faced with comical and embarrassing situations, but also painful ones.

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