this time I review the film Alien Covenant (2017). I just wrote this review generally from this film because I didn’t follow the Alien film series, and this calm was spoiler free. The main character of this story, Walter (Michael Fassbender), which is the reason I watched this film ? joking, eh half serious, aside from the actors, the trailer is also quite intriguing.

Alien: Covenant recounts the journey of the Covenant crew to a new planet for colonization. Along the way the captain changed the destination of the original planet, which is still 7 light-years away, to a mysterious planet that is only a few weeks away because they caught the mysterious transmission. And there, surprise surprise, the alien who is the selling point of this film appears. Because this is spoiler free, the story outline is there.

Since the opening film, the atmosphere has been tense with the soundtrack that really supports throughout the film. And the first 30 minutes have casualty, the genre of the film is really dark. In terms of the story it is tense and quite a lot of jump scare that might not be so surprising for some people. The story also does not make you bored for 2 hours more calm the screen, because of film full action and a little long-winded conversations. But overall the story is rather weak, because there are a few plot holes or some parts that maybe if not done can avoid the entire disaster in this film (eh but if it doesn’t turn out to be a movie, huh? Hehehe). And also decisions that don’t seem to be worth the risk. The point is that there are parts where we would think like watching a generic horror movie: “What are you going to do if you already know it’s suspicious?”

But still, this story has a plot twist, though for those who are used to it, they are not so surprised. This film also has a little philosophy about existence.

Then the alien planetary CGI and high tech equipment look good and convincing with dark film tones (which in some parts make it hard to see). CGI Alien who became the core of this film is also good and spooky, with flexible, quick movement scenes.

Problem acting, hmm I don’t think there are scenes that stand out but acting is scared / sad / angry every character is good because nothing feels awkward. Oh yes, the characters are quite a lot and there is no special introduction at the beginning so it is a bit confused, only after the film takes a long time each character mentions the name and the correlation between the new characters we know who names each.

Overall, the story is interesting and not boring too gripping, but it lacks character exploration and it becomes difficult to empathize to see them being chased by aliens

This film is good for those who are looking for suspense and fans of the alien series. But if you are looking for a twist plot, super confused or complicated story, you might not like it that much.