What can film and video add to the learning experience? Kieran Donaghy , who received the British Council’s Teaching English weblog award for his post I wish to study English because… , explains why film is such a good resource, and recommends some useful websites.

Everything changes with the times, even warfare movies tirelesstraveler. I can think about you mom’s shock (although she thought MASH was funny) positively not your common conflict movie! And due to that, I highly advocate you choose movies you like. To do that, you can go to a website known as Rotten Tomatoes , which is a web site with many nice critics and critiques on many tens of thousands of films.

Good checklist! Seen eight out of the 10 listed. Casino is one among my favorites and watching Goodfellas reminds me of dwelling. DeNiro and Pesci, what an excellent combination. I surprise if DeNiro and Pacino could make another good movie out of their upcoming Rightous Kill. I love the ending the place Lorraine Bracco flushes the medicine down the bathroom in desperation to cover it from the DEA & FBI. Really thrilling stuff…actually exciting film. Changeling was an amazing film. It’s new however check it out when you possibly can. It’s an incredibly sad story.

Nollywood movies are largely all moral-like. With a lesson to be taught from and all. Some are religious, even preachy like mad, others take care of social issues and ills, corruption, AIDS, Supernatural, epics and simply stuff that concern the on a regular basis Nigerian. They try to portray on a regular basis life as real as possible. Not really, anyway. They exaggerate loads. And nearly all Nigerian motion pictures have sequels. But sequels are actually a whole film cut up into elements, not like totally different movies with totally different plots or anything.

My movie is a horror based on a tale that was considerably of an urban legend. But I’l disclose much here, you by no means know who’s reading. However, for those who actually wanna know the details e-mail/contact me on it. I’ll holla back at you actual quick! Oh yeah I like Scorcese – among the finest film makers there’s. Cant go wrong once you put him Robert De Niro & Joe Pesci together either. Thanks for stopping by.