Old MoviesAs a Film Critic I love all sorts of genres, but if I had to choose 1 it will be Horror, because they are distinctive and generally have good moral stories.

Hey Steve….thanks for the kudos…..I drastically recognize it. I am surprised that I received Best All Around Hubber….however very joyful to have gained it. Not sure which music would play as the Cogerson anthem…lol. Maybe the Wild West Marathon shall be coming soon. The real event: As Russian and Allied forces closed in on Hitler and Berlin, Hitler moved to his bunker. On April 30th, Hitler killed himself and by May 8th all combating had stopped and the war in Europe was over after 6 very lengthy years. The beauty of this films is there aren’t any dark or scary scenes that should frighten any children.

What a terrific compilation of movies, very, very useful for anyone who wants to learn extra about WW2. My favourites in this checklist are ‘Memphis Belle’ and ‘Downfall’ I’ve never seen ‘Twelve ‘Clock High’ but I’d like to someday. Just thought of another great film’ A Bridge Over the River Kwai.’ absolute traditional! The real event: On March 25th 1944, seventy six P..W.s escaped from the German prison camp Stalag Luft III, causing the German military to offer a lot wanted troops for a large manhunt for the escaped prisoners.

It’s one other good one for the entire family because it appeals to totally different age groups on totally different levels. There is humor directed at adults that can go over the pinnacle of kids.There is potty humor, action, romance and adventure too. Younger kids will enjoy the stunning animation and the loveable characters. PS – 1776 is definitely a favorite at our home too, Kate. We have the soundtrack and sing along loudly on street journeys.

Hey JKenny….glad you want my hub….I actually think this is the perfect hub I have ever written(then once more do not I suppose that ever time…..lol). Downfall is now very excessive on my list of films to observe. As for Twelve ‘Clock you must watch….back in the 1950s and 1960s management courses used this movie as a guide to being a very good manager…..plus you get Gregory Peck in a basic movie.