By carrying original stories, touching hearts, and sometimes offering plot twists, Korean films have always been excellent for moviegoers who sometimes get tired of watching the same Hollywood movies again.

This is the saddest Korean film of all time.

One of the biggest commodities of Korean cinema is sad films that will drain tears. No need to be confused looking, BukaReview has selected the seven saddest Korean films of all time.

Sad Movie (2005)

As the name implies, this film will drain tears. This film consists of four stories. The first story tells of a firefighter who bought a ring for his girlfriend. The woman and the man are both waiting for the right moment to propose.

The second story is about a woman who tells her boyfriend that she needs a man who has a good job. In short, the man got a job. Her job is to help other couples break up.

The third story tells of a mother who is too busy, to the extent that she rarely communicates with her child. That changed when the mother became ill and lay in the hospital.

The last story revolves around a deaf woman who works as a mascot at an amusement park. There he meets an artist and falls in love, but refuses to take off his mask because of the scars on his face.

The four sad stories have made him one of the saddest Korean films.

Wedding Dress (2010)

The relationship between mother and child will certainly not be timeless. Not to mention, this kind of relationship is always relatable for almost everyone. So, when this issue is raised, it’s easy for Wedding Dress to become one of the saddest Korean films.
This film has the premise of a relationship between Go-Eun’s mother (Song Yoon-ah) and her daughter So-ra (Kim Hyang-gi). The mother who became a single parent was diagnosed with cancer. His life chances are getting narrower.

Before he died, Go-eun wanted to prepare a decent life for her daughter, including making a wedding dress that her son would wear later.

So-ra finally learns of her mother’s condition and she tries to fulfill her mother’s last wishes one by one.

My Father (2007)

My Father is adapted from a true story about an adopted child who is looking for his biological parents in South Korea. The son, James (Daniel Henney), is an army captain and discovers that his father is awaiting the death penalty.

The father was found guilty in the murder case. From there he began to uncover surprising facts about his father’s life and himself.

When released, the film sparked controversy because the family of the victim’s father’s murder did not support the production of the film. However, in the first week of its release, this film dominated South Korean cinema revenues.

Because I Love You (2017)

In this film, Korea’s favorite actor, Cha Tae Hyun, plays a ghost. He teams up with a student (Kim Yoo Jung) to recover his memories and come back to life.
In this film you can find complete entertainment. Starting from the humorous scene when the ghost possessed various humans with love problems, to the saddest part of this film.

Miracle of a Giving Fool (2008)

This film is about a pianist who returns to his country after living abroad. Upon his return to Korea, he meets his elementary school friend, Seung-Ryong, played by Cha Tae-Hyun.

Seung-Ryong who has mental retardation lives with his younger sister. He has this physical deficiency due to an accident as a child. In the accident, his father died, while his mother died a few years later.

Despite living in poverty, he always tries to provide for his sister by selling toast. However, his sister was ashamed of her brother’s condition. So, that’s where the conflict begins. Have a tissue ready when you watch one of Korea’s saddest movies.