Parents Allowing Kids to Watch More Movies, TV Shows During Coronavirus:  Survey |

With the restrictions set in place to curtail coronavirus, we have been confined to our homes. We have not been able to carry out some of those outings with families and friends. Although the measures put in place to reduce the spread are affecting our social life, it is for our good.

We can no longer take our kids out to have fun on the playground, cinemas, amusement parks, visiting friends, and other outdoor activities. However, with the Internet, we have been able to find suitable options, especially with getting the latest blockbuster online.

Although there are free streaming channels, we need to purchase kid’s movies or the latest kids blockbuster to determine what we want to watch. Some of the places where you can find some of the newest kid’s films include:

  1. Disney Movie Club

Since you cannot take your kids to the amusement parks, then you should consider joining the Disney movie club for some of the lovely Disney movie characters. You can purchase or rent the latest Disney video in a digital format or DVD for your kids. Check out Disney movie club product reviews to learn about customers’ experience with the platform in purchasing children’s movies.

  1. Google Play

You may not be aware that you can stream movies with Google Play, but this is another platform you should consider during this period. We are aware that you cannot go out to the movies, but with your Android devices, you can bring the film to your home with Google play streaming services. You can purchase a wide range of movies available on the platform, and they can be streamed on different platforms such as Android, IOS, and other video players. With Google Play video services, you can only stream the movies you purchase online.

  1. Apple Itunes

Apple iTunes is another suitable channel where you can purchase the latest movies online. With the lockdown and restrictions measures in place, you can purchase the latest kid’s movies from iTunes, and stream across all Apple products. You can also stream the film on television using Apple television software. The Apple iTunes is a very stable platform, and they are great features you can enjoy using the Apple iTunes.

  1. Amazon Prime Video

During the coronavirus, you may want to purchase movies for your kids that will be streamed through all media. Also, you will want to get the latest blockbuster, plus access to the latest children’s movies. Then Amazon prime video is one of the best platforms for the easy purchase of kid’s movies online. 

You do not need to register on the forum, and they are safe, being one of the most popular online retail outlets. You can also watch the movies you purchase from Amazon prime videos on your smart television. Their broad compatibility and trust make it one of the top platforms for movie streaming.

Now, you can see that you can still provide the best entrainment for your kids since they cannot go out due to the restrictions. And it will be much fun when they have a wide range of children’s movies to select from, and also get the opportunity to watch the latest blockbuster without going to the cinemas. You have to order some snacks and drinks to complete the cinema experience with the family at home.